Building a Global Network Marketing Company With .WS, and Now, .Com and .Net

Global Domains International, the technology company with a business opportunity that is affordable and duplicable by the global masses, has made the opportunity even bigger by making .Com a part of their product offering. GDI has built a large worldwide network of independent affiliates by marketing their exclusive .WS domain extentions, but now, GDI representatives are more excited than ever with the addition of the universal appeal of .Com domains. To learn more about the Global Domains opportunity, click here.

Pre-Launch: New Local Internet Search Directory Poised For Explosive Growth

A new technology MLM company, now in pre-launch, is poised to capture a substantial share of the local internet search market by providing a cost-effective advertising medium for local businesses to acquire customers in their chosen territory. A key feature of this business opportunity, which is rare in many network marketing companies, is a substantial 50% monthly commission from ad sales to local businesses. In other words, not only does it provide a great opportunity for network marketers, but also a great opportunity for direct ad sales professionals. click here for more information.

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